‘Stock’ geography lessons: part.2

Following on from part.1, here are my  favourite lessons/activities. No particular order or topic. I’m sure I’ve missed ideas.


Minigeogs – a creation of Alan Parkinson (@Geoblogs), great creative homework task.

Top Trumps- brilliant strategy for a range of topics, I tend to use them as an opportunity to explore the level of a country’s development.

Interactive location games- great for the first few minutes of a lesson if you have change over.  Try Sheppard Software or Traveller I.Q. Challenge.

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‘Stock’ geography lessons: Part 1

I think after a couple of years everyone has the ‘stock’ lesson/activity they know will work year in year out without adaptation. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, why reinvent the wheel. I thought I’d ask colleagues for their ‘stock’ geography lessons.

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Our Tune–Hanging Valley

Working with Liz Smith on some glaciation lessons I came across this that I produced, nearly ten years old…

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LEGO collaboration

Wondering whether people have a spare five minutes to contribute to this collaborative document about using Lego in the geography classroom. Direct link is here. If you’re not happy with Google Docs, please email or tweet me your ideas.

For past collaborations see.

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Summarise your learning in LEGO

A post in response to a conversation I had on Twitter with Andy.  Instead of the end of term video, I asked my Key Stage 3 classes to summarise one aspect of their learning, from over the course of the academic year, as a Lego model. I set some simple rules.


Each team then had 25 minutes to design and produce their model. Some excellent examples from year 9….

Hurricane Storm Surge






Air masses


I’m a bit of a fan of using Lego within the classroom. What other ways do people use it?

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Peppa pig international day

Plenty of geography here…

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Just some quick revision resources for the exam paper on Thursday.


For students readers.

Remember you already have your A3 revision sheets and case study booklets. Make sure you have been through your checklist and attempted some of the frequently asked questions. These can be downloaded below.

Paper.2 checklist

22kb docx

Paper.2 frequently asked questions

19kb docx
Paper.2 quick tips 3mb pptx

Revision will be in the sixth-form hall periods 4, 5 and 6 on Wednesday. The examination is Thursday morning.

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Christmas Decisions- Artificial or fake?

A rare post as I come up for air at the end of term…  Liz Smith and I have put together this decision-making exercise. Which is best for the environment, an artificial or fake tree? Think of it as our present to you. Enjoy.

Original resource 149kb docx
PowerPoint 2.5mb pptx
SEN resource 112kb docx

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Google Plenary

In five seconds.


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Geography for a pound…

IMG_0715 (800x658)

Thank you if you attended the workshop yesterday. A particular thanks to Alan Parkinson (who basically organised me and the workshop- it should have been his name under the title.) and John Sayers who were my co-presenters, thereby making sure I didn’t have too much time to humiliate myself.

The aim of the workshop was to consider informal collaboration of practitioners, as a way of developing approaches that aid student learning and engagement.

Alan will be collating all the resources on his blog at a later date. During the workshop I briefly discussed some areas of collaboration from my own practice.

I then referred to an article (again via Alan!) by Isbella Wallace about her use of poundstore pedaogogy. Adapting this idea for geography, I asked colleagues to devise some approaches using five items from the Tesco’s Handy range. The results can be viewed in this Google presentation.

Not bad for five minutes thinking. If you would like to add to the presentation please let me know. I also apologise if I have missed your idea or attributed it to someone else.

Thanks again.

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