Some Google Earth maps and overlays worth a look at…

Yesterday I suggested you look at the Ozone overlay in Google Earth. Here are some others that you may wish to have a look at. Those who don’t have Google Earth, can download it for free.

I never get bored of looking at this night and day image of the Earth. I think it makes you realise, how you are just a small part of a very big picture, There is also a Google maps mash up that shows this image. If you want an overlay for Google Earth you can download it here. Basically this map shows population density, look at where the light concentrations are greatest, particularly the East Coast of America and Europe: perhaps more interesting is where the population density is sparse, can you spot the Sahara, Himalayas and Amazon rainforest? Why are people unable to live in these extreme environments?

Some of you may remember how I struggled to explain the seasons to you in lessons. 🙂 This Google Earth overlay shows day and night in real time, and I feel effectively shows how Antarctica, due to its latitude and the tilt of the Earth, receives differing amounts of solar radiation. What I found fascinating, when looking at it last night, was that a person on one side of the continent could be in day, whilst another person on the opposite side, could be in night. It will be interesting to look at this in December, Antarctica’s summer, so we can observe that the continent has twenty-four hours of day light.

Have fun exploring Google Earth, if you find any interesting overlays or places let me know…

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