What factors affect the climate…

Welcome Year 9…

Year 9 have just begun studying weather and climate. This summary is to help you complete the homework task,

‘Factors which affect ‘Una UK’s climate’ ‘.

In class we have discussed a number of factors which affect climate in the United Kingdom.


Places where the land is higher have cooler temperatures.


Some surfaces reflect more heat than others, ice is a good example, it reflects the vast majority of the heat it receives.


Remember that landmasses heat and cool much quicker than the sea. Coastal areas therefore tend to be a little cooler in summer, as sea is still warming,  winds travelling across the sea will therefore bring a cooling breeze.

Differential Heating.

There are two parts to this concept. At the Equator the sun rays cover a smaller surface area, therefore heating is more efficient and it becomes warmer. This is due to the tilt and curvature of the Earth. At the North and South Poles, the sun’s rays cover a larger surface area, therefore the heating is less efficient and it is cooler.

But, the volume of atmosphere that the sun’s rays has to travel through is also less at the Equator compared to the North or South Pole, therefore more heat is received by the surface of the Earth.

Gulf Stream or North Atlantic Drift.

This is a warm current of water, which travels from the Gulf of Mexico, our prevailing wind, from the South-West, travels over this and brings a warming wind. You can imagine it warming the toes of the British Isles. This is why we see a change in temperature pattern in the winter, as we more further South-West the temperature is warmer.

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    Hi, this is awesome! I was stuc kand now i know! Thx

  2. Tony_Cassidy
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    Good, glad you’ve found it useful.

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