Reaons for Changing Shopping Habits.

Some ideas to consider and reflect on from today. Generally….

People tend to do their ‘main’ shop at one major multiple.

  1. Multiples such as Tesco have a number of departments, such as Butchers, Greengrocers, etc under one roof.
  2. This is more convenient and reduces time shopping.
  3. They also have a wider range of products, because of the size of the stores, they have more display space.
  4. They can also sell products at cheaper prices, they can buy in bulk and have larger warehouse facilities for storage.
  5. They also have longer opening hours which may fit in with shift work.
  6. They are also more accessible than the traditional high street, due to free car-parking and close locations next to major roads.
  7. Many multiples have customer cards, that offer discounts for loyalty. 

People tend to be shopping less frequently.

  1. People tend to buy in bulk for their ‘main shop’, meaning they have to shop less.
  2. People can buy in bulk, because they have cars, shopping can be transported home with ease.
  3. People can also buy in bulk, because they have storage facilities, such as fridge and freezers.
  4. It is economical to buy in bulk, major multiples tend to attract shoppers by offering discounts on multiple purchases, such as BOGOF. 😉
  5. Increasingly people are paid monthly, therefore they may choose to do one ‘main shop’ each month.

People are travelling further for their shopping.

  1. People have cars!
  2. People are more willing to travel further for their shopping, it is economical to increase the distance travelled to reduce their purchase costs.
  3. Many of the larger out-of-town supermarkets are located next to major roads, such as motorways. This reduces the friction of distance, they are more accessible.
  4. Out-of-town supermarkets also offer free parking, which encourages people to use their cars.

Now one to consider, which came first, the car or the out-of-town supermarket?

Next… the attraction of out-of-town….  🙂

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