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Apologises for the blogging break, end of term is a busy place. 🙂 Congratulations to those that completed their coursework, it was a tight finish for some. 😉 For those away or with extended deadlines due to absence, you must hand in your work as shown as possible.

We have now started People as Consumers, two key terms we have to understand

Producers are the people that produce a consumer product, this may involve extraction of a raw material and the subsequent manufacturing of a finished product.

Consumers are the people that purchase a product or service.

In reality we are all consumers..

We have been considering the issue ethical shopping, the complex decision making that some of us might make when considering a purchase. Our decision to purchase a product or service might be dependant on several factors…

  • Its impact on the environment. E.G. Organic produce, Carbon footprints.
  • The welfare of animals. E.G. Animal testing.
  • The working practices employed by the company producing the product. E.G. Sweatshop labour.
  • Our personal politics. E.G. avoiding products from certain countries, because we disagree with their policies.

Of course, many us may just be thinking price!

As we now know, ethical shopping can be a bit of a mine field, as my mate Jim said to me on Sunday, ‘You somewhat have to pick and choose your causes…’

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