National Rural Dimensions Conference.

SSAT_iNet_255050 Is anyone going to the National Rural Dimension Conference in Warwick on Friday?

I’ve been invited to speak about how the new Rural Dimension specialism can be supported by the Geography curriculum.  K.H.C.T.C has been part of developing the new specialism, a great deal of work has been done at the College through a number of avenues and curriculum areas, supported especially by the work of Mrs Blundell, Mr Wright, and recently departed Mr Spalton.

I shall especially miss the presence of Mr Spalton at the conference, who was supportive of my last presentation for the South-East Partnership Group. I’ve worked hard on updating my presentation, but I’m worried about a repeat of the famous sheep on acid routine. 😉


‘Lively’ I think describes the words I muttered when the technology failed and ‘original’ ,I always worry is used for slightly eccentric people, which of course I’m not. 😉

I’ve updated the presentation to include a new activity and several new strategies we have used this year from the Pilot.

I apologise in advance for any Geographers hoping to find something new… I’m sure many people will have heard most of the ideas before and from better presenters.

I have though a strange dilemma/problem, which someone might be able to help me with, it has even stumped our techies. 

There is a strange problem with regards to video clips in my presentation. On my personal computers and the one in my classroom, the videos all run fine. But on some computers, the first video clip shown crashes the presentation. Forwarding the slide on and returning to the video, it will play fine, as will be rest! Exit the presentation, then view any video clip in a slide, hence the first video to be played, and the presentation will crash. Change the order of video clips, and the first one will always crash the presentation.

It is not a case of the video file being corrupted, or the extensions being wrong, as the presentation works on some computers, which is even more strange, considering all classroom computers are networked, and it works on my desktop. 🙁

So I could

  • Take my own laptop, but worry about the set up of a projector and tackling any problems with video feed. Though I imagine an ICT techie should be present.
  • Play the presentation once through, get the crash out of the way and then avoid exiting, by backtracking.
  • Remove all the video- defeats the object.
  • Hyperlink to the videos and hope the laptop and Media player provided is fast enough to avoid huge gaps whilst loading.
  • Just pray that it all comes right in the end, preferred option. 🙂

Any advice?

Also, if you would like to suggest any activities which I can highlight, I’m happy to add them to my presentation. Of course, credit will be given.

I’ll also upload my presentation and resources over the weekend.

Please be gentle with me. 🙂

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