A little convergence and readjustment…

Apologises to my second Year Ten group if you are reading this before Thursday and Friday, but it won’t do any harm…

By now we should understand what the Antarctica Convergence is, also known as the Polar Front, and the reason for its development. Cold heavy waters from the Antarctic travel northwards along the seabed, until they reach warmer waters travelling southward. The cold waters force the warmer waters to the surface, resulting in an uplift of nutrients and an increase in biodiversity within this boundary. The Antarctica Convergence ,at 60 Degrees South, represents the beginning of the Southern Ocean, which is distinctive from the surrounding oceans, in chemical composition and biodiversity. Remember that this boundary is around 40km in width and has maintained itself for the last 20 million years…. The convergence has been somewhat effective in discouraging larger mammals and fish colonising ocean, one reason why our penguin friends live happily.

Everest060255%5B4%5D We also know now that Antarctica is one of the highest continents, but it is weighed down under the ice sheets, over time, around 1,000 years, these ice sheets will melt as we reach the end of this glacial period, this will result in the landmass beneath Antarctica rising, called isostatic readjustment ;but I like the much more subversive post-glacial rebound. Thanks to Anthony for pointing out my calculation mistake. 🙂

I also told you about the recording breaking attempt of Rob Gauntlett and James Hopper , their aim is to travel from Pole to Pole using manpower only. Last year they were preparing for their journey, but now they have made significant progress, when we checked their website they were in Central America. The website has some great material, but to be honest I find it a little challenging to navigate. Good luck to both of them. 🙂

Finally, here is the grade or no grade game that we played in lesson, my Thursday and Friday group should have a practice, as we didn’t do well today, mostly because had forgot the quiz format… 🙂

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