Year 11 mock- important information…

Your mock exam is coming up on the morning of Wednesday 28th of November, on Monday each of you will be given a pre-release book, as you will do in the real examination, except that in the summer you will receive the booklet six weeks before instead of one 😉 , you will need to read the information on the inside of the booklet very carefully, this gives guidance on how to use the resources and the areas to focus your preparation and revision upon. Before the mock you must carefully consider the resources.

Over the next week, starting tomorrow I will be writing blog posts related to the material, a reflection of the good practice of Alan, I strongly suggest that you read each post and write notes, feel free to post comments and questions. You must not write on your booklet, you must also bring the booklet to the mock exam, no booklet and you are basically up the creek… you know the rest. In the real exam you will have a preparation copy and a clean copy.

You can also find an electronic copy of the resource here.

For those of your who need additional help, myself and Mrs Marston will run a preparation session on Thursday 22nd from 3.45 p.m.-4.45 p.m. .

Before the exam, you also need to ask your class teacher which tier you have been entered for, this will be either higher or foundation.

In summary

  • You must look after your resource booklet and bring it to the exam. You must not write upon it.
  • You need to read the guidance information and suggested tasks on the inside of the booklet. Study the resources and suggested tasks carefully.
  • Read the daily blog posts to inform your preparation.
  • A preparation session will be available on Thursday 22nd of November 3.45 p.m.-4.45 p.m.
  • Find out your tier for the exam.
  • You must bring yourself and your resource booklet to the exam on 28th of November.

Best of luck 🙂

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