2007 Mock Pre-release Session.2

Session one can be found here.

Study Resource.9

Why do you think Gloucester docks have become attractive to tourists?

Look at the resource and make a list of the attractions that tourist might want to visit, also think about how the environment may attract tourists.

The term heritage tourism might be useful to consider here, this is tourism that is based upon the historical and cultural history of a place, basically the events and sites that have influenced the character of the ‘place’.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the new dockside apartments?

Study Resources 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Some points to consider


  • Newly developed properties won’t need any work, you can move in straight away.
  • With surrounding redevelopment, buying could provide an investment opportunity.
  • The development will contain shopping, leisure and entertainment facilities.
  • Close to the city centre, easier access to services, shopping, entertainment and public transport.
  • Attractive architecture, landscaping and heritage of the surrounding area will enhance quality of life. (?)
  • Waterfront properties, water is a calming influence…


  • The cost of properties or renting is likely to be higher due to the short distance from the city centre and the prestige of the development.
  • Properties are apartments, so more suitable to singles or couples, rather than a small family.
  • Social problems, for example crime and anti-social behaviour tend to be more prevalent in city areas.
  • Noise and pollution.
  • Further distance from rural areas or open spaces.
  • Is there car-parking access? Congestion is also more likely in city areas.
  • Disturbances during the continued redevelopment.

Any more?

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