Mock 2007 Pre-release Session.3

Session.2 can be found here.

Sorry about the previous post, College internet was very slow and doing strange things to the blog… Please let me know via comment, email or private word whether these posts are useful, otherwise I can spend my time on other things…

How will development of the Gloucestershire docks cause conflict? 

The new Gloucestershire Docks development will be multi-functional, basically lots of different land-use, how might they come into conflict?

One type of land-use being next to the other might not be a good idea!

For example, why might it be useful not to have pubs and housing located next to each other?

Pubs now can open long hours, with the appropriate application, 24-hours; music and people leaving at the end of a good night out may cause noise, not particularly good if you want to sleep!

  • Pubs may encourage anti-social behaviour, fights, peeing in the street, piles of sick, not particularly nice for anyone living in that area. Remember that we have a binge drinking culture… not the café culture of Europe.
  • People who have been drinking can be more intimidating, even if they are friendly drunks, this might not be nice for people walking home at night, especially if the drunks are in groups.
  • If the area becomes know for this type of behaviour, it is likely to affect house prices, they will go down, and people may lose money on their investment.

Any others… 

Think about the types of conflicts that might arise because of the different types of land-use, note them down as part of your revision process.

Study Resource.14 

This shows the coursework of a year 10 group.

Look at the aims of their coursework and the data; do you think they achieved their aims?


The type of housing needed in the area 

  • There second graph seems to have met this aim, because we can see the types of housing that people suggested are needed in the area. Could the students have also used an additional statistical technique? Look at the axis on the graph.
  • Can we see though how different age groups responded? Wouldn’t it be useful for the development to reflect the needs of the individual age groups, thereby increasing the developers market. What advice would you offer that would enable the students to see this?

Whether this would be best met at Longford or the docks. 

  • The students asked this in their questionnaire, but can you find the data? What would you suggest to students so that they could improve their mark?
  • Is it possible from looking at the last two graphs to see whether people preferred Longford or the docks?
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  1. Posted November 20, 2007 at 7:59 pm | Permalink

    They are quite useful as revsison aids. I sit at my desk with my booklet in front of me answer questions and then check my answers. But I’m about 2 posts behind now.

  2. Posted November 20, 2007 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    Good, I’m glad you are finding them useful.

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