Mock 2007 Pre-release Session 4

Study Resource 6.

Using the map resource consider the location of Longford and the Gloucester Docks.

Write a brief description of where they are located.

Think about

  • Where they are in relation to Gloucester city centre, North, East, South etc…
  • Using the scale to provide a distance from the city centre.
  • Are they on the outskirts of the city or within the city?
  • Roads, water courses or buildings that they are close to.

Study the resources about the Longford site and Gloucester Docks.

Which do you think would be best to build houses upon?

One of the sites is a Brownfield site, it was been used before for industry.

One of the sites is a Greenfield site, it is land that hasn’t been built upon and has been used for farming.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to building on Greenfield and Brownfield sites.



  • Land is cheaper because it is further away from the city centre.
  • The land will not need reclaiming or clearing because it hasn’t been built upon before, meaning construction costs will be kept down.
  • The developments will be easier to market to potential buyers, they have a more pleasant and attractive environment.
  • Roads are generally less congested, meaning better access to the development during construction and afterwards for homeowners.



  • It is more difficult to get planning permission on Greenfield sites, Government policy is generally against it.
  • Infrastructure, such as electricity lines and gas pipes, may not be present.
  • People might protest at green spaces being urbanised.
  • Building could disturb natural habitats and wildlife.
  • Some people may prefer to live closer to the city, where they have access to services and entertainment facilities; therefore they may be harder to market.
  • Living outside of a city may increase the commute for workers.



  • Planning permission tends to be easier to get, the Government is actively encouraging the redevelopment of such sites.
  • Infrastructure, such as road and power supplies, may also be present.
  • It may be easier to market properties to people that have good access to services and facilities in a nearby city centre.
  • Building doesn’t take place on Greenfield land thereby encouraging urban sprawl, the growth of the city areas.


  • Land prices tend to be higher the closer you are to the city centre. There is more competition for a prestige location.
  • Brownfield sites may have to be reclaimed, decontaminated or cleared, which will mean higher overheads during construction.
  • City areas may have a number of social problems, such as anti-social behaviour and crime which may make marketing the properties more difficult.
  • City areas tend not to have the most attractive environments, noise, pollution, which again may make marketing the properties more difficult.
  • Roads close to city centres tend to be more congested, which is a problem during construction and after for any potential buyers.

Decide which, the Longford or Gloucester Docks, is the Greenfield or Brownfield site.

Using the map source only, can you provide any additional advantages for building on each site?

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    im using cgi software more nowerdays, and this person whos a cgi techer says i need to practise loads on it, he said, try and do 10 hours a day, anyway, i cant think of anything to do, and small animations you woulde like doing to do with geograph or whatever, done for free of course, and i would enjoy doing it.

  2. Posted November 20, 2007 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

    10 hours, a little harsh, sounds an interesting idea, have a go and show me what you can do.

  3. Posted November 21, 2007 at 8:46 am | Permalink

    yes thats what i thought to, 10 hours does seem a little much, and i dont have 10 hours spare in a day, im just doing it in my spare time, around 3 hours a day mabye 5 hours. So ill have a go, and send u a finnished render of something, although, will take me a while to think of what.

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    also, did you watch: “Earth: The power of the plannet” last night on bbc 1 or 2, cant remember witch, it was intresting and verry good.

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    I’ll look forward to it.

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    I missed it, I will try and catch the repeat this weekend.

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