Mock 2007 Pre-release Session 6

Thanks to those of you that attended the revision session tonight, I thought it was very useful. 🙂

Changes in my ‘place’…..

You have studied studied Ilkeston as ‘your place’. We have studied both the opening of a new Tesco store and the closure of Stanton Steelworks.

Let’s consider the opening of the new Tesco.

What positive and negative impacts has the development had on Ilkeston?


People argue

  • Tesco has provided valuable service jobs in an area where traditional manufacturing has declined. Tesco is now the town’s largest employer.
  • that the store has widened the appeal of Ilkeston, raised its status, the store has a high threshold and this drawn shoppers from across the local area.
  • that as a result of Tesco, shoppers also visit Ilkeston High Street,
  • That Tesco will encourage the regeneration of Lower Bath Street, as businesses hope to cash in on business by association.
  • Tesco is a good neighbour, investing in the development of infrastructure and footpaths around the site, as well contributing to local community projects.


People argue

  • The location of Tesco in Ilkeston has resulted in a decline in trade for independent stores, and resulted in the decline of the Morrisons store, an important anchor for the multiples of Upper Bath Street. Death of the High Street
  • As a result, employment has been lost.
  • that this has resulted in an increase in the number of vacant shops, these aren’t particularly attractive, so the environment has declined.
  • Consumers also have less choice.
  • Those who visit Tesco, don’t walk into Ilkeston, who really wants to walk the hill? Alternatively, drive to a car park and pay for the pleasure.
  • The bypass has effectively cut the town in two, people will just drive to Tesco with ease, avoiding Ilkeston.
  • Tesco doesn’t cater for everyone, the elderly may have to use public transport or taxis, remember the eight pound taxi fare! (Tesco has provided a free bus service to the store in the past- does this still happen?)
  • Tesco doesn’t reinvest its profits in Ilkeston, as a national company it uses national rather than local contractors, the profits ‘leak’ elsewhere. 
  • That Tesco exploits loop holes in planning laws at the expense of local businesses. Local traders were unhappy with the mezzo level to the store being developed, nicely getting around planning regulations. It allowed Tesco to stock a wider range of goods, thereby creating more competition for the High Street.
  • As for the regeneration of Lower Bath Street, the evidence is there to see!

Have I missed anything?

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  1. Posted November 23, 2007 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

    hi, i think it was built on park area wasnt it, in this case the people who live near by have less places to go, it has also lead to an increese in traffic, this may make pearents worried about letting there kids out, especily with it being next to the park.

  2. Posted November 23, 2007 at 10:31 pm | Permalink

    I also think that Tesco funded a new one as well, it certainly made use of what was partly a disused brownfield site.

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