Coping with floods: Asian Tsunami

2004_Indonesia_Tsunami Your last piece of coursework in this unit is to produce a storyboard in PowerPoint focusing on a case study of a coastal flood, which effected a L.E.D.C. country. You need to research the 2004 Asian Tsunami and its impact on Sri Lanka. Adam asked me whether I will put together a support page, I will attempt to do this when my head stops spinning over the coming days.  🙂 There is a wealth of good material on the event on the net, especially photographs, so I expect to see some well annotated diagrams and images, please remember to keep a bibliography.

Remember in this piece you will need to explain the causes, impacts and responses to the flooding, but you will also need to explain why Sri Lanka ,as a L.E.D.C. country,would take longer to recover. A good way of doing this is through development indicators.

If you’re a visual person I suggest you use some of the Worldmapper maps. These are a set of world maps edited by Geographers according to different statistics. An index of the maps can be found here. For example, consider discussing that Sri Lanka has a lower G.N.P. (remember use figures when available) so would struggle to fund reconstruction compared to the U.K., using the Worldmapper G.N.P. map (see below), annotated, would make this more visually impressive!

You could also cross-reference the map images and development indicators, a low G.N.P would mean that Sri Lanka wouldn’t be able to provide the health services needed after a major natural disaster, perhaps using two maps next to each other, as well as information, images and statistics related to the event… I’ll try and produce an example later…


Remember in the responses section you have a link direct link, we have funded the building of a nursery school in Sri Lanka, The Kirk Hallam Nursery, to replace one of many destroyed by the Tsunami. Why did we do this? Why couldn’t the government of Sri Lanka do this?


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