Tracking Katrina…

A discussion with an online colleague Ruth lead to this resource, she teaches hurricanes in the autumn term, which makes sense. As we are studying Katrina as a case study I decided to produce a tracking exercise.


The first slide shows the objectives of the exercise, the second slide shows students the correct symbols for tropical storms of differing intensities, which can then be annotated onto their tracking sheet. The third slide goes over the process of recording data onto the tracking sheet, so a revision of longitude and latitude.

From then the presentation is automated, students receive updates from NOAA about the tropical storm, students report this on their table and transfer it to their tracking maps, there is significant time between each data update to allow this process.


I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to split the class into groups, with data collectors informing trackers. I reckon I could also integrate Google Maps into the piece and some disaster management, but that’s for another time.

I know it works, because Liz had a go for me. Cheers! I now need a whole class run through to seek out any adaptations.

Also added a hurricanes penalty shoot-out to the page.

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