Week one in my classroom KS4…

Now that I have overcome the trauma of returning, I thought I would begin to share some resources I’ve been using in my classroom.

I’ve now authoring in Office 2007, so those with a lower spec will need to convert files before use, if you have 2003, it should automatically ask you if you want to install the necessary plug-in- I have to for use in school. There might we some text shift on conversion- this has somewhat wound me up over the first week or so.

Year 11 are in the last year of the Pilot, the final year of the syllabus, we have been producing presentations about the Asian Tsunami. The last year before this the Pilot blog bites the dust…

Year 10 are following the CCEA syllabus, I’m really enjoying this at the moment, a much greater chance of being a sage, despite this not been educationally trendy, I like it- I quite like trying to enthral.

destructive We’re currently looking at coasts. The first lesson we discussed land-use and conflict along the coast, we also used the Bournemouth extract from the specimen specification materials. I produced a little seaside Animoto to encourage some discussion, but it would infringe copyright to share, we also looked at the coastal fly past from the first series of Coasts, from this we drew out different land-uses and different landform features. We then went on to look at waves, constructive and destructive, and completed a classification exercise. Thanks to Liz Smith for the Big Wave video idea. I’ve also been making use of Dan Raven Ellison’s Learning Through Windows videos, which are hosted at the Little Heath School Geography web pages. Sadly there aren’t more of these to cover a range of topics. We finished off, with a Content Generator just a minute game.

Next lesson we discussed the difference between weathering and erosion, how the the nature of the deposits differed, and then went onto look at the main erosion processes taking place along the coastline. We finished our week with a little coastal aerobics, some people like Kung-fu, I like the non-violent alternative.

I’ve now produce a new page of Radical Geography for my new CCEA resources.

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