Geography FM 11- final one of 2009…

One of the best developments I’ve been involved in this year is the Geography educators’ flash meetings.


We’re now on meeting 11 and the last one of 2009.  It has been a great source of professional development. If you’re new to the meetings, you can view replays and associated resources in the Wiki archive.

All teachers of geography are welcome, irrespective of age, experience or responsibility, so please feel free to join us at the next meeting.

To register an interest in future meetings, or the present one, please request access to edit the Wiki, when permission is received, add your name to the attendees for the next meeting. If you feel brave and want to speak about a resource, topic or issue, please add to the agenda; alternatively add to future meeting suggestions. If you want to ease yourself in, just turn up and listen, no webcam is required. If you require any support, please let me know.

Thanks to those who have been supportive of this venture.

2 thoughts on “Geography FM 11- final one of 2009…”

  1. I’ll echo that, great informal discussions with some really inventive colleagues and always something to take away and try. Even if it means I have to miss the football, this is worth it ;) Thanks for all the efforts here Tony

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