Summer upload- resource 5, 6 and 7- The Organic Debate…

Easier to upload these in a batch, all can be found on the R.G. food page.

To introduce the concept of organic farming I used this video clip…

We then decided which of the statements referred to organic farming using the ‘Which is organic sheet?’.

We then conducted a mini-investigation, entitled ‘Are Kirk Hallam families converts to organic products?’. This took around three lessons, also an opportunity to use ICT.

Finally to help add some explanation to our findings we completed the counterargument exercise.

Also good to use the classic Store Wars clip… this never fails to get a smile.

2 thoughts on “Summer upload- resource 5, 6 and 7- The Organic Debate…”

  1. Hi Tony. I was looking through your food resources for KS3 – they are all excellent and thank you so much for sharing them. I was just wondering how you use an emotion line?

  2. Thanks-

    Basically I play a video, then stop it perodically, I then ask them to rate and comment on their feelings on the graph.

    It allows them to ‘quantify’ their feelings, it works particularly well for emotive issues.



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