Things that caught my eye… Week 7th March

Census dropped through the door and completed it online…

A good Geography FM meet this week, discussed a range of issues including achievement, revision and mobile policies. A replay can be found here. Do join us for the next one. Great website from Noel Jenkinslistening to Los Angeles -considering how to get this into a lesson.

Spent part of the weekend preparing some resources about the development of the Olympic site in Newham for CCEA GCSE spec, I’m now less a fan of the 2012 games. 😉 Nearly finished the course though…

Of course, the major breaking stories was about the Japanese tsunami. Spent much of Friday watching the live feeds and answering questions. I think the images said enough. Some interesting screenshots from the QuakeZone IPhone app.


Huge cluster of tectonic activity on the day.


Magnitude of the foreshocks and aftershocks were quite intimidating.


Lots of geographical thinking going on from various geography colleagues about how to respond to such an event. great collation of a range of ideas from Alan Parkinson. I think it’s a little too early to get to grips with the huge implications of the disaster, but will be showing the BBC Japanese news special as an overview. Considering an emotional response to the event using a 100 word challenge, simple but effective technique.

We have links with Toyota schools in Japan, I hope all our connections are safe and well at this challenging time.

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