Use Boardworks in your teaching…

and fancy writing a lesson plan for them? Read below a message from Ros White.

boardworksGiven the inspiring feedback we’ve received from teachers over the years we are now looking for practising teachers who enjoy using Boardworks resources to work with us to write lesson plans about the interesting ways they use Boardworks material in their lessons.

Perhaps there is a particular lesson that you find your students respond well to, or you may have an example of how you’ve successfully tackled a difficult topic in your subject? It’s entirely up to you.

The lesson plan should be approximately 300-500 words and cover material you already teach with, so we wouldn’t expect you to spend more than an hour or so working on this. For every lesson plan we use we’ll pay £50.

An example of just one of the great lesson plans we’ve received already for a Geography lesson can be found here:

We also accept lesson plans across all subject areas, so if you’re interested in sharing one of your lesson plans with other teachers or would like some more information then please get in contact with me, Ros White, at and I’ll be happy to fill you in on the details.

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