‘Stock’ geography lessons: Part 1

I think after a couple of years everyone has the ‘stock’ lesson/activity they know will work year in year out without adaptation. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, why reinvent the wheel. I thought I’d ask colleagues for their ‘stock’ geography lessons.

Activities by topic



  • China and the One Child Policy

Development and economics


  • Write a letter as an animal to explain adaptations
  • Create a super plant

Generic strategies


  • Mapping from memory

Map skills, Mapping and Place

  • Dancing Matt continues to be popular
  • Asking students to bring in an object that reminds them of a fantastic place



  • Mind movies
  • Design earthquake proof houses
  • Layers of the earth song
  • Crust and mantle song
  • Noel’s Montserrat decision making exercise continues to be popular…
  • Showing the effects of volcanic eruptions through Playdoh.


  • Producing a water cycle rap
  • Stop animation waterfalls
  • Hjulstrom Curve lesson from Geographyalltheway


  • Building hurricane-proof homes


Peter Knight (@PKGeog) shared two excellent activities that he uses with undergraduate students, geography blackout and geography through the window tutorial.  I think this is a great introductory lesson in Year 7. Peter has promised part.4 when he reaches a 1000 followers, so get following.

Finally @dukkhaboy suggested that if all else fails there is Connections, though I prefer Foundations.

Next post I’ll share my stock activities.

With thanks to Twitter colleagues @PKGeog, @RedmoorGeog, @NotJust4Xmas, @mrbanksy, @noeljenkins, @dukkhaboy, @jennnnnn_x, @mrgeogfs, @lcreangeog, @davie_marsh, @f1bakingmoo, @janeyb222.

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