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Christmas Decisions- Artificial or fake?

A rare post as I come up for air at the end of term…  Liz Smith and I have put together this decision-making exercise. Which is best for the environment, an artificial or fake tree? Think of it as our present to you. Enjoy. Original resource 149kb docx PowerPoint 2.5mb pptx SEN resource 112kb docx

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Google Plenary

In five seconds.

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Geography for a pound…

Thank you if you attended the workshop yesterday. A particular thanks to Alan Parkinson (who basically organised me and the workshop- it should have been his name under the title.) and John Sayers who were my co-presenters, thereby making sure I didn’t have too much time to humiliate myself. The aim of the workshop was […]

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It’s time for revision…

Some ideas we collated last year, let me know if you would like to contribute to them. Two more collaborative presentations can also be found here.

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Other geography blogs.

Nice to be recognised on The Tutor Website. Amongst great company here.

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Volcanoes ‘v’ sheep

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Creative communication

A couple of creative ways to communicate with students in lessons, part of our MA session this week. Modelled by Sarah.

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Vandalism or creative revision strategy?

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2010 Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull Revisited

I’ve never taught volcanoes at GCSE, so this will be interesting. As a case study of primary and secondary hazards I’m returning to Eyjafjallajökull. This is my starter…   I’ve adapted a topical resource that I made at the time… 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull revisited from TonyCassidy This will be followed by a classification exercise, […]

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Pixar Pitch

I spent part of the half-term reading Dan Pink’s new book ‘To Sell is Human’. Don’t be put off by the title. Pink’s message is that selling is no longer the preserve of the salesperson; everyone is now in sales, including educators. Each day we sell our message to students. One of my favourite chapters […]

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