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Some random things…

I’m feeling awful and should be marking Stringy’s RE mock, but thought I would do a little blog post instead. The Ilkeston Geographers decided on AQA as our new A-level syllabus, for the new sixth form… looks interesting. Content looks like it will reflective the Pilot. We should be able to provide more information on the course on Wednesday night, both myself and Mr Thompson will be delivering the course. Please feel free to express an interest. Yes, there was talk of an Ilkeston Geography website and blog. :)

We have heard from our friends in Bangladesh, all is well…. I’ve now marked Year 11 coursework, the Severn case study, and Year 10 Option 1 Wanda. I will be giving feedback when I next see you. Year 11 Geographers are reminded that their next piece on sustainable flood management is due in on Friday 14th of December.

Just a gentle reminder that Year 10 Option 2 need to hand in their Wanda coursework on this Friday.

Also picked up a link to a Geography blog that was new to me, Ayrshire Geography, one north of the border and another to add to the feeds.

Right me mocks, you revision/coursework…..

Some images of Bangladesh…

The presentation I gave to staff tonight about part of my experiences in Bangladesh, the quality is poorer because I’ve had to save the slides as jpegs and reinsert them. Slideshare doesn’t seem to like complex presentations sometimes :) . Not much information as I wanted to speak from personal experience, but some interesting pictures showing school life in the country.