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Coursework updates

I’ve now finished marking the Year Ten Antarctica and Year Eleven flooding 2 coursework- please email if you want your mark before I see you. Year 11, a gentle reminder that flooding 3 needs to be completed for this Friday. 🙂

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Some deadlines

Advance notice of coursework deadlines Year 11 Sustainable flood management assignment needs to be handed in on Friday 5th of December 2008. Year 10 Extreme Environment assignment needs to be handed in on Monday 8th of December 2008.

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Living with Floods- Coursework 1

Year 11 students should check their emails for further details. Reminder support documents can be found here, or via the floods tab at the top of the blog. Deadline is 17th October 2008, via email please.

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Floods – FloodSim

FloodSim – FloodSim One to have have a play with in preparation for the Year 11 module, Coping with Floods. I thought it was pretty decent. Hat-tip J.Barlow.

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Floods 2007 – impact is still felt.

According to an article on the B.B.C. . Future reading for Year 10.

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Unreported World- Cyclone Sidr

A B.B.C. documentary about the impact of Cyclone Sidr three months on, I think I’ll return and use this later in the year. It will compliment well the Bangladesh resources that I produced on my return from Bangladesh.

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Asian Tsunami: Rebuilding Sri Lanka

Year 11 will be finishing their final piece of Coping with Floods coursework over the holidays, Ho, Ho, Ho. 🙂 There is a nice photo story on the B.B.C. about British help in rebuilding one area effected by the tsunami, in your focus country Sri Lanka. The village is called Hampton, this would make a […]

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Coping with floods: Asian Tsunami

Your last piece of coursework in this unit is to produce a storyboard in PowerPoint focusing on a case study of a coastal flood, which effected a L.E.D.C. country. You need to research the 2004 Asian Tsunami and its impact on Sri Lanka. Adam asked me whether I will put together a support page, I […]

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Year 11 Coping with floods Coursework 2

You may have realised that I’m ill and not in College at the moment, despite this your flooding coursework Part.2 still needs to be handed me in electronic form by Friday 14th of December. I would prefer work via my external address because my internal one is looking a bit jammed with work to do… […]

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Some random things…

I’m feeling awful and should be marking Stringy’s RE mock, but thought I would do a little blog post instead. The Ilkeston Geographers decided on AQA as our new A-level syllabus, for the new sixth form… looks interesting. Content looks like it will reflective the Pilot. We should be able to provide more information on […]

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