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Fair Trade – SU 32-35

Continuing with the development work. Today’s topic- Fair Trade, which is also our controlled assessment task for this year. I’ve adapted some Key Stage 3 resources from the food topic.

I wanted to take a source-based approach.

I’m going to start the theme by watching a Channel 4 programme for schools called ‘Consumer Power- Chocolate’, it was online at Teachers TV but can no longer be found in the search, it provides a good overview of the conditions faced by cocoa farmers and the issues related to the trade.

Also found this video which I feel gives a good overview of the concept of Fair Trade.

I’ve then produced two pen portraits of cocoa farmers, adapted from real case studies, but emphasising the areas I wanted. Followed by a task considering the arguments for and against the concept of Fair Trade.

Whilst using these sources I want students to summarise their findings in the sheet provided, which I’ll then go over using the following presentation, well that’s the plan…

P.S. mustn’t forget a little tasting :)

Appropriate technology- SU 27-30

Continuing with the development work, came across the work of Solar Cookers International today, so I’ve decided to use it as a case study of appropriate technology, focusing on Kenya.

I’ve produced this PowerPoint, an information sheet, student sheet and a case study summary.

Coca-Cola- MNC- SU 21-23

Continuing with the development preparation. Currently at this part in the specification.

Know and understand how globalisation both helps and hinders development with reference to one case study from an LEDC or NIC.

So I’ve decided to look at globalisation through Coca-Cola and its activities in India, also gave me a chance to adapt some old pilot work.

I’m also going to use the Mark Thomas Dispatches documentary on Coca-Cola, his follow-up book ‘Belching Out the Devil’ has several chapters related to India, worth a read.

I’ve created the PowerPoint above, an associated worksheet and a classification exercise.

CAMFED- SU 18-20

I’ve been working on some development work again and came across the excellent work of NGO CAMFED. I’m going to use it as a case study of how the development gap can be reduced.

There is also an excellent YouTube channel containing videos of the charities work.

I’m not yet happy with the resources, but these ideas develop over time.

Introduction to Development Indicators – SU-14-15

One task for this summer holiday is to write and resource the development unit for the CCEA spec.

I made a start today on development indicators, PowerPoint and supporting worksheet available to download from R.G.

I think I’m also going to make sure of the Miniature Earth video.