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How a hurricane is born…

Thought this was a brilliant clip for starting a mystery exercise…

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Some new bits and pilot preparation…

Nothing much new, caught up in coursework and finishing the R.S. and Geography syllabuses. I’ve started to put revision materials on Pilot Geography related to the pre-release booklet. The first presentation is comparing Hutton Henry and Harbone, with our place, Ilkeston. Also noticed a broken link to the 2008 resources, which people might find useful. […]

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Using Twitter in the classroom- Interview about Katrina…

Twitter and hot seating a fictional character. There’s been much discussion about the use of Twitter within the classroom, so I thought why not have a go… We are currently studying Hurricane Katrina in Year 9 , so I wondered whether we could interview an individual who experienced the event. I haven’t got a wide […]

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New for disasters…

A late one due to problems with the web host. The stop disasters hurricane task when down well, so I’ve adapted it for earthquakes. Also added a couple of new bits for hurricanes, the first is a simple match-up exercise with strategies for reducing the impact of hurricanes. I’ve also added two homework tasks, one […]

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Stopping Disasters…

I’ve spent a nice week doing nothing much, planning has been light due to the snow days last half-term. Next week I’m going to start looking at strategies to reduce the impact of hurricanes. We’ll be using my favourite geo-simulation, Stop Disasters, I’ve put together a simple worksheet, have to justify playing the game in […]

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Tracking Katrina…

A discussion with an online colleague Ruth lead to this resource, she teaches hurricanes in the autumn term, which makes sense. As we are studying Katrina as a case study I decided to produce a tracking exercise. The first slide shows the objectives of the exercise, the second slide shows students the correct symbols for […]

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Great Geography does pop-up hurricane!

Thanks to Jo for trialling the pop-up hurricane resource, I can use it with confidence now, nice use of video as well.  Tony Cassidy’s pop up model of a hurricane ~ Great Geography!

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Pop-up Hurricane Cross Section- Style over substance?

After marking coursework for most of the day, I wanted to do something creative. I find hurricanes difficult to explain, so decided on the pop-up route. I haven’t uploaded it to R.G. yet, because I’m still deciding whether it has merit. I’d use it with my Katrina resources. What do you think?

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