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New image for Ilkeston…

Street art, disguised vacant buildings, a beer festival (not too sure about that one…), all to attract people to Ilkeston.

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Something old, something new…

Some terms and ideas to discuss in September. A recent online discussion of landscape brought be back to thinking about topophilia, the love of a place. Do you love your place? I’ve also been interested for some time in the concept of psychogeography, how emotions and behaviour are governed by a place; one aspect of […]

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Britain from above…

Nice to see the B.B.C. is allowing some embedding of its official YouTube clips now. I thought it was alright, got very excited by the mention of Dinorwig, remember that? Surprisingly it was mostly geography but managed to mention it not once. 🙁 You can watch the first episode on Iplayer. What did you think?

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Stanton Update…

Quite a bit of movement around the Stanton Redevelopment last week, this might be a useful case study for other Geographers as it possibly will become the largest area of redevelopment in the country. Updated plans can be found here.

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A local viewpoint…

About the redevelopment of Stanton site and its impact on the surrounding area. Essential viewing for Year 10 and good revision for Year 11.

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My Place Coursework

Well done Year 10 on making a great start to the My Place coursework, we are looking at cloning in Ilkeston this year, but many of the support resources from last year will be of use to you. Please email me questions on your sampling and introduction if you need help. Remember to collect your […]

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What’s your P2 type?

What is it? Every postcode and output area in the UK has a P² type associated with it which reveals what characteristics people who live there are likely to have. Have a go here, its interesting to put in the school postcode, how far does this agree with your experiences of the local area and […]

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Pre-Release Part.6 and other bits…

Nearly there, moderator has called for the Year 10 portfolio work… I’ve now updated the pre-release page. A word document with tasks associated with resource 16, a PowerPoint with two local issues, Stanton and Tesco (Remember our place is Ilkeston),and a shoot the hoop game on Antarctica.

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What does H.S.B.C. tell us about migration?

Despite the credit crunch, I was searching the Internet today for mortgages. I noticed an interesting new account by H.S.B.C. aimed at migrants to the U.K. .What does the image tell us about the nationalities that are coming to live in the U.K.? Can you guess them all? Of course, H.S.B.C. is also a good […]

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Have the Simpsons got Britishness right?

An American colleague is wanting our help with this question. He has viewed the Simpsons episode where they come to Britain and has noted We use of certain kinds of phrases, i.e. my word, I say, cross the pond Big Ben is iconic in terms of Britishness. We have a dry wit and humour. We […]

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