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Pilot Pre-Release 2010

I’ve just begun to prepare resources for the pre-release for this year’s pilot GCSE Geography exam.

I tend to prepare simple PowerPoints and worksheets, then develop other activities around them to maintain interest.

I’m hosting all my resources on RG. I’m happy to share ideas or thoughts. I’m slightly worried at the moment because there seems to be less content than previous years…

Active sketching revision

I’ve just finished updating some Pilot resources for the 2009 exam that we’ll be using.

For the exam students need to be able to explain how a physical feature in Antarctica is formed, with the aid of a labelled diagram. As repetition is king when it comes to memory, I’ve adapted a technique I’ve used before when revising sketch maps.

Students have a piece A3 of paper which they fold into four. They watch the PowerPoint and copy the diagram and labels, when complete, they change their paper with another student who completes a second diagram on a new square of the paper, to promote a bit of challenge the PowerPoint increases in speed with each new attempt, this one is timed nicely to the William Tell Overture. Finally, after repeating the process until all four boxes are complete, students turn over their sheet and produce a diagram from memory.

Not sure how much learning takes place, but it’s fun to watch. :)