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Why is David an orphan?

As part of my independent learning drive I returned to the old favourite- the mystery task. This was based around the orphan David in Botswana, the aim was to enable students to consider factors that had influenced birth and death rates, and as a result population structure, within the country.

The resources I used can be downloaded here.

Presentation evidence 1mb pptx
Mystery Task 35kb doc
Follow-up questions 128kb docx
Support cloze passage 18kb docx

We ended the lesson with the legend that is…

World Population- SU 41-43

Just beginning to write some population resources for the CCEA spec. I tend to write quite ‘traditionally’ as a basis, then develop additional strategies later on…

I’ll be using the great population jelly babies game as an introduction.

Also produced a living graph exercise on World population growth and a simple factors affecting birth and death rates fill in sheet.