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Find me update (flog an idea)…

I’ve now updated R.G. with the find me water task answers, looks better when downloaded. I tend to do strategies across a Key Stage when planning, so I’ve produced another one related to weather events.

This got me thinking about the Great Storm of 1987, I remember it well, part of the roof disappeared and I awoke in a wet bed.


Thinking of perhaps a retro case study, of course involving the use of my bed.

How much learning in dominoes? Walk the plank…

I’m looking at Rivers in Year 8, sorry it hasn’t got an exciting title like ‘flooding hell -how will we all survive?’, which seems a requirement of the new Key Stage 3 curriculum, in fact I imagine we will be studying it much longer… the pilot GCSE has taught me how good geography can be drawn through a theme or place, encouraging deep learning. I believe the curriculum should offer these deep learning experiences, as well as, short topics and topicality.

Why rush? We have all the content in the World, as the song goes…

It never fails to amaze me about how useful the dominoes strategy is, apologises if this is your template, just email me or post a comment so that I can credit you. Students always seem to struggle, mostly because it involves reading. It also brings about some useful discussions about strategy, linking known statements together, then finding the missing links.

Before I used this (I’ve now updated the broken link.), we played the new version of Andy Field’s Walk the Plank, brilliant again because students jump at the first answer, without considering the alternate options.

Find me…

I’m snowed under at the moment with Key Stage 4 mocks and coursework, but want to continue to provide some extended learning for students, I agree that much homework is a burden for both students and teacher, but it has a role in developing the resilience and independence of the learner.

In my continuing role of promoting radical traditionalism I develop this find me task. The idea, simple really, student research the answers to the questions.

We can a good discussion about this

  • Most students would conduct an internet search, this lead us to discuss the terms used for searches and why certain websites appeared first.
  • Why it was important to use more than one search.
  • How such knowledge is contested, i.e. longest river in the World.

My aim is to self-mark in lesson, I don’t give detentions for not completing homework, what message does this send? There should be positive feedback via progress checks and the reward system.