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Pixar Pitch

I spent part of the half-term reading Dan Pink’s new book ‘To Sell is Human’. Don’t be put off by the title. Pink’s message is that selling is no longer the preserve of the salesperson; everyone is now in sales, including educators. Each day we sell our message to students. One of my favourite chapters […]

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Geog one…

I’ve been enjoying having a play with the Draw Something app, since students introduced it to me. This week it has become one of the fastest selling of all time. It’s a little like taboo but on your favourite device. Jumping on the bandwagon, until they produce a geography version, I’ve produced some cards (1 […]

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Weather or climate?

Thanks to Noel Jenkins for highlighting this… great little starter video.

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R.G updates and China Case Study

I’ve updated a couple of bits on RG. Added my Holderness case study podcast to the coasts page, updated the starters and plenaries page, and added a couple of resources to the CCEA resource page on the exploitation of Coal in China. There are a number of great clips on YouTube such as the only […]

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Snail Racing (V2)

Just a bit of fun, can be used as a starter or plenary. (1.5 mb pps). Let me know if it works for you…

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Connect 4

Nothing special, simple little game I play as a plenary. Divide the class into two, ask a team in turn a question. When correct, drop in a counter. Click once on a circle for yellow, twice for red. (228 kb pps). Right click and save as…

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Singing continents…

Loving this at the moment- sing along…

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Twitter as a starter or plenary?

A bit of a follow up from my Facebook profile template. I’ve used Twitter live in the classroom before, I really like the need for students to think carefully, and prioritise, the text they use. But we don’t always have net access -so as with the Facebook profile, I’ve produced a template on PowerPoint, I’ve […]

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What if they had a Facebook Profile?

I’ve been working on several schemes of work, it’s surprising how uncreative you become under pressure. One of my escapes has been reading about people having much more exciting times during their holidays on Facebook. I was working on a R.S. scheme of work and wanted students to produce a summary of their thinking about […]

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Katrina updated…

I’ve now updated my Katrina resources. I’ve uploaded the pop-up hurricane task and template. Let me know how it goes, if you are using it. My addition to the touchy emotional feelings type geography is the video emotional graph. We’re going to watch the B.B.C. news special on Katrina and graph our emotional response every […]

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