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‘Stock’ geography lessons: part.2

Following on from part.1, here are my  favourite lessons/activities. No particular order or topic. I’m sure I’ve missed ideas. Minigeogs – a creation of Alan Parkinson (@Geoblogs), great creative homework task. Top Trumps– brilliant strategy for a range of topics, I tend to use them as an opportunity to explore the level of a country’s […]

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‘Stock’ geography lessons: Part 1

I think after a couple of years everyone has the ‘stock’ lesson/activity they know will work year in year out without adaptation. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, why reinvent the wheel. I thought I’d ask colleagues for their ‘stock’ geography lessons.

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Geography for a pound…

Thank you if you attended the workshop yesterday. A particular thanks to Alan Parkinson (who basically organised me and the workshop- it should have been his name under the title.) and John Sayers who were my co-presenters, thereby making sure I didn’t have too much time to humiliate myself. The aim of the workshop was […]

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Pixar Pitch

I spent part of the half-term reading Dan Pink’s new book ‘To Sell is Human’. Don’t be put off by the title. Pink’s message is that selling is no longer the preserve of the salesperson; everyone is now in sales, including educators. Each day we sell our message to students. One of my favourite chapters […]

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Urbanisation with Lego…


I currently have my Year Ten Friday afternoon for a double, which is challenging enough; but I’m also trying to reduce my teacher talk and encourage more independent learning. As a result I’m trying to incorporate more kinesthetic activities within my repertoire…  I wanted students to consider the changing pattern of urbanisation, and as a […]

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Clouds via cotton wool


I love clouds, nice idea by the creative factory that is John Sayers. A display by my Year 9 class.

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How geography influences the school day…

Boardworks have republished some lessons ideas that I wrote for them, considering how geography influences the school day. Now included are some handy display headings to be used in the classroom when displaying the outcomes of the activity…

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Remember the snow… Landform features.

It was only a week ago since this… Until this happened. I set my Year 10 the task of producing snow stack formation as a voluntary homework. I set an example by having a go myself. It also gave me the opportunity to test out the IMotion time-lapse app. A couple of students, working in […]

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Your school day and geography…

A couple of transition ideas that I jotted down for Boardworks that may be of interest.

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Landscape in a box…

Thanks to Alan Parkinson for reminding me about his landscapes in a box, after watching Noel Jenkins at TMClevedon. Both legends. Reminded me of the collaborative 101 ways to creatively teach geography presentation. One to revisit for inspiration.

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