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Top Ten Resources and Posts- 2010


There were over 100,000 visits for sharegeography.co.uk this year and 300,000 individual page views. Sunday was the most popular day for visiting. The top ten posts for this year are:

There were 200,000 unique visits and 350,000 page views for radicalgeography.co.uk this year. The top ten resources downloaded from the site this year are:

(Resources are directly linked to…)

I haven’t updated the top resources page since 2008, so will do this before the new year.

Thanks to all that have influenced my ideas, contributed, shared, or used my resources within your classroom, whether one of the 265 email subscribers or the casual visitor.

It has always been my belief that we are best when we discuss, collaborate and share, it’s the reason why I continue to share my practice, good and poor, and why I continue to fund these little projects each year for free. I also enjoy it :)

Here’s hoping for a good 2011. :)

Frozen Britain and the Iphone

I was thinking about looking at the cold spell over the coming week, I’ll be asking students to write a piece about how the weather effected their week, but I also fancied doing something a little more creative- so we’ll have a go at developing some winter Iphone Apps!

I thought this could be adapted to other topics, so I’ve put a template together.

Both can be downloaded from my SlideShare account.