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Revision coasts

I’m beginning to utilise some ideas from Helen Young’s course earlier in the week. For the first time in my career I have drafted a revision timetable for students. Each week will focus upon a topic,  supported by a knowledge and a past papers session at dinner or after the College day. We give students […]

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Remember the snow… Landform features.

It was only a week ago since this… Until this happened. I set my Year 10 the task of producing snow stack formation as a voluntary homework. I set an example by having a go myself. It also gave me the opportunity to test out the IMotion time-lapse app. A couple of students, working in […]

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Finding Old Harry…

Had a little fun using the Google Search Stories Creator to produce this…

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Mass movement

Via the Learning from Nature blog.

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Things that caught my eye…

Whilst struggling to the end of term. Massive amount of work to do still before a well deserved rest. I thought my workshop session at the Leicester Regional Geography and History Conference went well, nice executive box setting. Working on some topical ideas and teaching tips for Boardworks, first focusing on teaching about natural disasters. […]

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Formation of a Wave Cut Platform

Formation of a wave cut platform revision video. Also available on Itunes.

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R.G updates and China Case Study

I’ve updated a couple of bits on RG. Added my Holderness case study podcast to the coasts page, updated the starters and plenaries page, and added a couple of resources to the CCEA resource page on the exploitation of Coal in China. There are a number of great clips on YouTube such as the only […]

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Holderness Coast- Coastal Management

Coastal management along the Holderness Coast (4 mb mp3).

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The one with mass movement, a penalty shoot-out and bingo…

Year 10 coasts… We started today with the movie of cliff retreat at Bawdsey. Using the IWB, we did a prediction exercise, students marked  where they thought the final position of the cliff would would be – they then justified their answers using their previous knowledge about coastal erosion. I think they were somewhat shocked. […]

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Week.2 in my class- KS4- the one interrupted by mobile texts…

Year 11 continued with their flooding coursework based on the Asian Tsunami, or is it controlled assessment? In year 10 we continued with coasts, as a starter activity I converted some definitions into text speak, pasted and annotated them into PowerPoint, added a message tone and asked students to provide the correction terminology. I thought […]

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