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New for disasters…

A late one due to problems with the web host. The stop disasters hurricane task when down well, so I’ve adapted it for earthquakes.

Also added a couple of new bits for hurricanes, the first is a simple match-up exercise with strategies for reducing the impact of hurricanes. I’ve also added two homework tasks, one is about developing hurricane preparedness within the population and the second about the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Stopping Disasters…

I’ve spent a nice week doing nothing much, planning has been light due to the snow days last half-term. Next week I’m going to start looking at strategies to reduce the impact of hurricanes.

We’ll be using my favourite geo-simulation, Stop Disasters, I’ve put together a simple worksheet, have to justify playing the game in lesson ;) . I’m going to ask students to record ten strategies that people can use to reduce the impact of hurricanes. I’ll put this worksheet on our shared drive, so students can type into the document.

I’m also going to introduce a little competition, I’ll ask students to record their scores in an Excel spreadsheet, also under our shared drive. As a result I’m sure I’ll have cries of cheating, but that’s part of the fun!