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World Population- SU 41-43

Just beginning to write some population resources for the CCEA spec. I tend to write quite ‘traditionally’ as a basis, then develop additional strategies later on…

I’ll be using the great population jelly babies game as an introduction.

Also produced a living graph exercise on World population growth and a simple factors affecting birth and death rates fill in sheet.

Tectonic Hands – SU 36

Different people have various kinaesthetic ways of making tectonic plate boundaries ‘sticky’. I used this idea when teaching tectonics last year, students changed the position of their hands to represent the different plate boundaries.

There is a practice, then the names of the boundaries appear and students have to show the correct hand positions, its timed, to make it a little more challenging. Add some music and it’s an enjoyable plenary.

Remember to show the power!

Fair Trade – SU 32-35

Continuing with the development work. Today’s topic- Fair Trade, which is also our controlled assessment task for this year. I’ve adapted some Key Stage 3 resources from the food topic.

I wanted to take a source-based approach.

I’m going to start the theme by watching a Channel 4 programme for schools called ‘Consumer Power- Chocolate’, it was online at Teachers TV but can no longer be found in the search, it provides a good overview of the conditions faced by cocoa farmers and the issues related to the trade.

Also found this video which I feel gives a good overview of the concept of Fair Trade.

I’ve then produced two pen portraits of cocoa farmers, adapted from real case studies, but emphasising the areas I wanted. Followed by a task considering the arguments for and against the concept of Fair Trade.

Whilst using these sources I want students to summarise their findings in the sheet provided, which I’ll then go over using the following presentation, well that’s the plan…

P.S. mustn’t forget a little tasting :)

Appropriate technology- SU 27-30

Continuing with the development work, came across the work of Solar Cookers International today, so I’ve decided to use it as a case study of appropriate technology, focusing on Kenya.

I’ve produced this PowerPoint, an information sheet, student sheet and a case study summary.