Consumer landscapes

The second part of today.

So what is a consumer landscape?

This term refers to how the urban landscape has adapted to the wants and aspirations of the consumer.

Geographers talk about consumer landscapes being spaces of consumption.

The course refers us to four different types of consumer landscapes

  • High Streets
  • Out-of-town Shopping Areas
  • Markets
  • and Airports.

We have already looked in depth at the High Street and Out of Town Shopping, so it was easy to decide how consumer landscapes have developed to meet the needs of the consumer

  • Indoors and undercover, with temperature controlled conditions.
  • Security, such as CCTV and guards.
  • Open light modern buildings, which can house a range of brand named multiples.
  • Well kept and free from litter.
  • Vegetation, visually pleasing and encourages a sense of calm.
  • Features, such as water fountains.
  • Furniture, that acts as social points.
  • Ease of accessibility for people with mobility issues.
  • Retail outlets supplemented by leisure and entertainment facilities, to encourage an all day leisure experience.
  • Public facilities,such as toilets and baby changing

To name but a few. Now the landscapes wish to raise our aspirations and encourage us to consume more and part with our money.They achieve this is a number of ways

  • Buildings that encourage a shopping route, you want to follow this and not miss out on anything!
  • Attractive shop displays
  • Eye catching advertisements on billboards or banners, some may even be electronic.
  • In store lighting, to make products seem more attractive.
  • The use of music.
  • Food outlets with open entrances, allowing smells to drift from them.

Basically they are appealing to a range of senses.

What is interesting is when you consider how consumer landscapes differ, and are similar, between different places….

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