Year 11- Welcome back…

Coke Sorry for the lack of posts, I imagine your head feels like mine. It was lovely to see everyone.

I’ve now added a new tag, ‘Yr11‘ because I will soon be introducing the Year Ten to the blog, please though continue to express your opinions on all posts, following the Year Ten’s progress with be good revision.

We have marked your My Place work, it now needs moderating, which shouldn’t be a lengthy process this time.

For those of you still in sunny climates, this week we started our final piece of coursework, basically the end of Year Ten. Wanda Lust is back, she survived Antarctica, but is now worried about Cola-Cola. Should she boycott it or not?

Remember this is an informed piece of writing with an audience, the emphasis is on you producing a balanced argument, incorporating named case studies, by completing your own research. Finally, you will have to come to an informed decision, basically a personal conclusion. All your writing must be your own.

We will be in a computer room for the next two weeks, Mrs Marston has bagged the new Humanities computer room, though she is slightly distressed that is lacks the essential computers. 😉

Nice to see that many of have taken your work away to begin research, at the weekend I will add a new support page to the blog, including the links we gave you. Please remember that you will need to include a bibliography in your work, so keep a list of all website you have used. I will post a little note on the convention for this later.

There is no need to incorporate images, diagrams or maps within this piece of work, but if you do, remember to annotate and refer to them within your writing. Pretty and enlightened, not pretty and dim. 🙂 You must also include the source of the graphics used within your bibliography.

Remember you only have six lessons and a short period before the final deadline.

For teachers, we are indebted to Jane Girlow, we have adapted her assessment for our students.

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