Mock 2007 Pre-release Session 5

What types of houses would you build on the Longford or Gloucester Docks?

You need to consider a number of resources here.

Study Resource.4

This shows that the number of single households are increasing. So it might suggest that single apartments would be most appropriate. You might want to consider by how much these types of households will increase, what is the projected increase in the number of these households between 2006 and 2021?

Study Resource.14

if we study the fieldwork data of Year 10 students, around 26% of those surveyed suggested they wanted to see single bedroom apartments or properties for first term buyers, but around 36% of those surveyed wanted two and three bedroom family homes.

This suggests that a mixed development of single households and two and three bedroom family homes would be appropriate.

What about the tenancy of the properties?

Tenancy means who will own the properties.

Study Resource 5.

This resource discusses the challenges of young people and key workers, people who are essential to the community, finding affordable homes.

Would you allow the houses to be private ownership? Meaning that people pay the full market price.

Or would you make sure that some of the homes are part-ownership? This mean people will buy part of their home and pay a subsidised rent to a Housing Association.

Would some of the new homes be council owned?  Meaning that they can be rented from the council.

Which would best serve the needs of first time buyers and key workers?

What conclusions do you come to about the type of houses that should be built?

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