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radicalheader1new I’ve now reorganised by web projects. My personal domain name will be the gateway to my various projects. I’ve also now sorted the layout of Radical Geography and will begin to update the content in the New Year. The Pilot Blog will announce new resources for Key Stage 4 and Share Geography will announce new content for key Stage 3. So please check your RSS feeds. I imagine in the future there will be a Key Stage 5 blog for the new sixth form, if we get a cohort together. Radical Geography and the gateway now have a custom Google search engine. In the meantime I have produced a Top-Ten downloads page for 2007 ,as a pre-Christmas present to colleagues, some surprisingly resources were favourites.

I debated long and hard about whether to just finish Radical Geography or turn it into a subscription site and actually make some income from it. Making income from it is against my educational principles (and could be challenged by my employer, luckily I have one that sees the benefits of such work), but I continued to be frustrated by demanding emails from individuals who were happy to take, or make criticism, but not able to respond to my efforts on their behalf; the same individuals who were happy to take my ideas and call them their own, or in some cases use them at interviews,or even send them back to me! I’m not an expert, the sites are my own work and at my own expense, when people download it costs me money. I also make no claims about the quality of the resources or whether they are any good. I’m a teacher, not an educational consultant.

The reason I do it, because teaching is hard and if someone can save time by using one of my resources and students within the classroom benefit, then I get a warm glow inside. 🙂 All I ask is a little feedback, positive and constructive, now and then.

As do a number of colleagues who continue to share their ideas, in order that our body of knowledge, creativity and practice moves forward… 🙂

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    Tony, although we have never met I still believe that Radical Geography was the best ever site and certainly the most useful to me. I have since joined slide share, flickr and delicious inspired by your good practice. It sits as my home page [now share G] and is the place I tell so many of my students and staff to start. I am an active HoD and continually invent resources [ppt and doc] mainly but need that continual encouragement to diversify and develop new ideas, radical and share provide these and the links to other places have continued to inspire. The biggest frustration [for me] is that it is not easier to contribute. I did have your e-mail at one time but following a re-build life went a little pear shaped. I currently have a ppt on recycling [subtle link to the new year] for yr 8, pop trumps as promised and some management cards, labelled map ppt for the NW / St Bees. Well done, you have many fans – and don’t panic I am often being misquoted by SMT and others take credit for my ideas – those who steal cannot sustain this momentary success for they have few ideas of their own. Happy new year

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