Pre-release 2008 Part 2-Out of Town Shopping.

shopping-cart Well, we’ve made a start! I hope your Geography folders have found a good home. Before I begin, just a quick reminder about the multi-media presentations. 🙂

We seem to have a lot of time on paper, but in reality it is just a few weeks together, therefore if you are away, please read the blog posts, use the resources and do the activities. I’ve now sent up an individual page, PR2008. I will upload resources here and catalogue the blog posts. I think a successful candidate will be reading the posts and also producing their own notes, mind maps etc. Please don’t forget to follow Alan’s blog, you’ll get a different perspective.

We worked hard today, but there is a lot of Geography in here…

A couple of points.

We should all now be comfortable with describing the location of the two shopping areas. I also hope that we have an understanding of why the Mall site was chosen, if you want a further recap, please read this post on the ideal out of town shopping area.

One thing we began to touch on briefly was changing shopping patterns, remember that the car has been the driving force behind much development in our cities, with great accessibility, out of town shopping centres suit the car well. Cars also allow bulk buying. If you want to review changing shopping patterns, please read this earlier post.

Finally, we began to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of out of town shopping and the High Street. We will continue with this tomorrow, as well as considering the impact of out of town shopping on the C.B.D. and the rural-urban fringe. If you want a head start, you can read this post.

I hope you are getting to grips with some of the terminology. Celebrate of knowledge coming I feel 🙂

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