Pre-release Update: Processes, KES and Quiz

Only a week to go, so hope you’re revising. I will be doing lessons as useful, so free feel to come in if you haven’t got an exam. We’ll be finishing the mega-quiz (see below) and discussing potential questions relating to FUGIS.

Remember that you need to be able to explain a physical process that occurs in our extreme environment and the feature/s that it produces. We have studied ventification which results in ventifacts, and basal slippage which leads to the formation of ice shelves and icebergs. Learn at least one of these.


We also had a go at the Apprentice megaquiz, the point behind this is that you need to be highly familiar with the resources you will use; this is a problem that you found with the mock exam, unfamiliarity putting pressure on your time. I would use the questions at your own pace for revision. I will also upload the quiz for download.


Alan at KES has also posted more pre-release questions, again I would use these as part of my revision. The first is based on resources 4,5 and 6. The second is on resource 8 and the third is on resource 9, related to Bangladesh.

Finally, thanks for the cards and gifts, I have been taken aback by your kinds thoughts and comments. 🙂

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