Raising the Profile of Geography – Part.3

For Part.2

21. If your department has an expertise in a certain area, for example thinking skills, offer to provide inset for colleagues.

22. Speak to the citizenship coordinator and offer your department’s services for a one-day event based around sustainable development, non-governmental organisations, the European Union or United Nations. Consider how your department can contribute to the wider citizenship curriculum.

23. Consider developing email/Twitter links or shared blogs with schools aboard, this will give students the opportunity to experience life from different perspectives, in time, exchanges may develop.

24. Adopt a charity/NGO, incorporate their work into your curriculum and devise fundraising opportunities.

25. Organise a geography day or week. Arrange special events and assemblies.

26. At Key Stage 3 allow time to survey students and ask which area of geography they would like to study. This encourages ownership of their learning and increases motivation.

27. Speak to your transition coordinator and offer your services supporting primary liaison, could your geographers become involved in a joint project for year 6 students? Or could you go into primary schools and give a taster session?

28. Invite past students to give their experiences of GCSE and A-level study. Remember that ‘peer-speak’ is often more effective in influencing students to take the subject further.

29. Take the opportunity for the geography department to lead whole school campaigns, there are many to choose from, fair-trade, climate change.

30. Make sure that Geography is seen as relevant and contemporary, take the opportunity to highlight events linked to geography in the news, these could develop into whole lessons, or just discussion points. Make sure that your geography in the news board is up to date. Reward students for finding geographical articles.

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